Who We Are

Clem Hegarty

Clem Hegarty

As the Christian community of Swords Baptist Church (SBC), we place the Bible, God’s love letter to us, at the centre of our lives. We believe that in Jesus, God visited His world and died for us. Through His death, we have forgiveness of our sins. Through His resurrection, we have a relationship with Him, the living God, who is more present than we could imagine.

We live in a time when people are giving up on organised religion and tending to adopt personal approaches to spirituality. People ask, Is there a God to be found out there, or am I on my own? The community at SBC is living proof that God desires relationship with us and that He can be known in a very personal way. God guides our lives and give purposes to SBC’s engagement with its community. He has our best interests in mind.

Many in our community would say that they have encountered God in a significant way; we continue to to journey with Him daily. Although life can be difficult at times, knowing God gives us substantial resources for living our lives well regardless of circumstances, helping us to love God and love people.

– Clem Hegarty, Pastor at SBC