Our Story

The Building

In the early 1990’s, we began the journey to find a permanent residence. In 2001, a member of the church family offered to sell SBC a field from their family farm in Donabate. The field was known as “The Marsh,” as it was flooded daily by the tides before the building of the Belfast Dublin Railway.

In 2007, at the height of the celtic tiger, “The Marsh” was rezoned by Fingal County Council for the purpose of building a ring road around the village of Donabate. The council reached an agreement, increasing SBC’s investment by 100 percent. We view this as God’s grace and provision.

The sale of “The Marsh” allowed us to build The Riasc Centre and the Liam Rogers Centre. These two facilities are designed to compliment each other, providing long desired amenities that will benefit both the church and local communities.

After 25 years of renting in Swords, the dream of a permanent building was finally realised in October 2012.

The Name

The word “Riasc” is an focal gaeilge (the Irish word) for “The Marsh.” Naming the building “The Riasc Centre” came from our desire to link the story of God’s goodness to His people. There is a 6th Century monastic site outside Tralee in Co Kerry called “The Riasc,” linking our Christian community of SBC with our Celtic forebears.

Buíochais mór le Dia .