About Us

As a Christian community we, Swords Baptist Church, have the Bible, the word of God at the centre of our lives.

We believe that in the person of Jesus, God himself actually visited our world and died for us individually. That through His death we can have forgiveness of our sins and that by belief in His resurrection we can have a relationship with Him, the living God, who is more present than we could imagine.

There have been Baptist Communities in Ireland since the 1600s. We are a self – governing and self-financing body. We are called “Baptists” because we baptise, by “total immersion” – at Tower Bay in Portrane, those who believe and have a personal relationship with Jesus.

I don’t know about you, but Im wondering if you recognise that we live in a day and age when more and more people are giving up on “organised” religion and are tending to adopt very personal approaches to “Spirituality”. People question, is there a God to be found out there or am I on my own?

As a Christian community in Swords Baptist Church, we see ourselves as living proof that there is a God who desires relationship with us and who can be known in a very personal way. He has plans and purposes for our lives and has, at His core, our very best interests.

We recognise that in the person of Jesus , God Himself actually visited our world and died for us, (now why would He do such a thing?) and that through His death and resurrection the possiblity exists of connecting with the God who is more present than we could imagine.

Many of us as a Christian community would say that we have encountered this God in a way we never dreamed of and are seeking to journey with Him in our everyday life allowing Him to shape and guide us. Scott Peck, in his book “A Road less Travelled” said that ‘life is difficult,’ and while life can at times be great as well, we recognise that knowing God personally gives us substantial resources for living our lives well whatever the circumstance.

Clem Hegarty Pastor at Swords Baptist Church